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Pocket Critters

Don't send your little ones to school without a Pocket Critter!  They warm little hands for about 10 minutes after just 35 seconds in the microwave!  Filled with our "Sweet Dream" blend of herbs, grains, soothing lavender, and chamomile with a hint of orange.  Keep in freezer ready to use as boo-boo buddies.  4-1/2" tall.

Available in assorted styles and colors:  pink or blue mouse, bunny, piggy, and penquin.

Our animals have been safety tested for children 3 years and above. Please consult your doctor if you or your child has any medical conditions, such as diabetes or neurological/circulatory problems before using.

Pocket Critter - Lily Bunny
Was: $9.95
Now Only: $8.45
Pocket Critter - Peapod Piggy
Was: $9.95
Now Only: $8.45
Pocket Critter - Penny Penquin
Was: $9.95
Now Only: $8.45
Pocket Critter - Whiskers Mouse
Was: $9.95
Now Only: $8.45
Snoozy Dooz
Was: $7.95
Now Only: $6.75

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